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Pine nuts – fresh, healthy, wild!

PINE NUTS: Jumbo Nevada Soft Shell, raw, wild harvest

Sorted, size-graded, fresh 2014 American pinyon pine nut harvest. Super soft shell preserves full flavor (crack with fingers). Amazing. Wild. RAW. Fair-trade. 100% natural - straight from the tree, nothing added. Pinus monophylla species. IN STOCK, Shipping Now!
Grade AA (X-Large)
Extremely limited supply. ALMOST GONE!
1-9 lb: $17.50/lb
10+ lb: $15.95/lb
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Grade A (Med/Small)
1-9 lb: $14.50/lb
10+ lb: $12.50/lb
Quantity: lbs


Jumbo Nevada soft-shell pine nuts (Pinus monophylla), shelled and gently dehydrated at 110 degrees F, preserving and enhancing all their nutritional value. They are awesome. Sweet, very rich flavor. We are sure you'll find these pine nuts the best you ever tasted! More than 2 1/2 lbs of pine nuts were required to create a pound of this most amazing delicacy. 2014 Nevada harvest. Shipping Now!
8 oz: $19.95       1-9 lb: $29.95/lb       10+ lb: $24.95/lb
Quantity: lb (enter .5 if you want 8 oz)


HOT ITEM – flavor of nostalgia. Hickory nuts will impart a subtle, but distinct flavor to any recipe calling for nutmeats. Old-time recipes regularly called for chestnuts and hickories when these nuts were commonly gathered for winter storage and eating. Many cooks seek ingredients that replicate these old-fashioned flavors. Just in time for a VERY special holiday meal. 8-oz packages (about two cups).
$24.95 $19.95 per 8 oz    VERY LIMITED STOCK! Order Now!


In-shell American Hickory Wild Nuts. Fresh large hickory nuts from the Ozarks. Place new-harvest hickory nut orders here! Order more and save big! Order now before they sell out. Hurry! Less than 100 lbs left!
5 lb: $25.00       10 lb: $45.00       50 lb: $150.00       In Stock

Piñon "Forest-in-a-bag" combo

  • 4 oz of premium Grade AA pine nuts
  • 1 mil pinon pine cone essential oil
  • 2 oz bottle of Pinon Pine Shine Natural Cleaner
  • Two - beautiful dried pinon pine cones
  • all packaged in a cotton drawstring bag
Free shipping! Shipping Now!
$14.95 per bag or FREE with every purchase of $150 or more

Pinon Pine Cone Essential Oil - NEW!

Distilled on our farm from pinon pine nut cones - unbelievable purity and clarity in this essential oil that magically transports you into the middle of the pinyon forest. The essential oil helps with peace and tranquility, and brings life to any room. A drop or two on a napkin in your drawers or car drives out any unwanted insects and refreshes your senses. Comes with peel and stick application and pipette for dispensing. In Stock, Shipping Now!
1 mil: $4.99       1/4 oz (7.4 mil): $19.95       1 oz: $60

100% Natural Surface Cleaner - 2-oz Spray Bottle

Excellent for car window - put in your glove box and have both aromatherapy and an effective non-toxic cleaning product. Throw away the toxic, mass-produced harsh chemicals and try a 2-oz bottle of 100% natural, clean pinyon power for your surface cleaning needs. This starter 2-oz spray bottle has been designed for easy cleaning applications: easily remove grime and dirt buildup on your car windows, on mirrors and counters. Gently mist your flat surfaces with our cleaner of 100% natural pinyon pine hydrosol. This is perfect for anyone with a smoker (medicinal or tobacco) in their home or car. Leaves a gentle natural essence of pinyon lingering in the air as opposed to an overhanging ammonia smell. Fully natural and produced by Goods From The Woods - A Wild Crops Farm from our pinyon pine cone and nut harvest. Product mirrors the traditional pine waters or pine sols that were naturally manufactured prior to the advent of synthetic ingredients.
$7.50 per 2-oz spray bottle    
$14.95 per pint     Shipping Now!


Soft shells of pinon pine nuts have too many uses to list. Add them to vodka for two weeks to give it whiskey-like color and unique pine fragrance! (It's gonna be the best-tasting vodka you ever tried - so please use with moderation!) And much more: coffee flavoring (grind & brew), tinctures, powerful folk-medicinal anti-parasite tea, scenting (put under pillow for sweet dreams). Comes in attractive 4-oz bags.
$4.50 per attractive 4-oz bag    Shipping Now!


I could not live without this floral water. Perfect for control of pests and odors in carpets and in bedding!! Strong, wild fragrance not for the feint of heart! Traditional medicine uses included stress/anxiety and pain relief, anti-inflammatory (arthritis/joint pain/migraines/sports injuries), anti-infectious (cold/flu/ear ache); and anti-spasmodic (muscle spasms) and so much more! This is an amazing, pure, natural hand harvested farm distilled flower essence product. Purse size spray or bulk bottles. Buy more and save big!
2 oz spray: $9.95      16 oz (1 pt): $14.50      96 oz: $90      5 gallons: $450      In Stock.


100% pure Wild Plum floral water is unbelievable! We regularly get customers buy 55-gallon drums of it! (No kidding!) Our wild plum is 100% PURE and alcohol free. Sustainably harvested, distilled, blended on our wild crops farm. No additives, no preservatives, no alcohol. Contains only wild plum and distilled water. Our 2-oz easy-spray bottles let you bring spring's natural fragrance anywhere, anytime, year round! In Stock.
2 oz: $9.95       16 oz (1 pt): $24.95       96 oz: $95.00      


Amazing fragrance. Chocolate Peppermint (Mentha piperita v. chocolat) combines the exquisite mint aroma with rich chocolate overtones - all in one plant! Freshly hand harvested, 100% pure floral essence. 100% PURE. Purse size 2-oz spray or bulk 16-oz refill. Very limited quantities of this unique hydrosol. BUY MORE AND SAVE BIG.
2 oz spray: $9.95       16 oz (1 pt): $14.50       96 oz: $90       In Stock.


Freshly hand harvested, 100% pure floral essence and essential oil. Potent and fragrant. Purse size spray or bulk bottles. The more you buy, the more you save. In Stock.
Hydrosol: 2 oz spray: $9.95      16 oz (1 pt): $14.95      96 oz: $85.95
Essential oil: 1 mil: $7.50      5 mil: $25      1 oz: $99     


Research Reported Benefits of Persimmon Leaf Tea: The tannins and flavonoids in Persimmon leaves have anti-hypertensive, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-mutagenic properties. The leaf also acts as a mild laxative. It is used for hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Persimmon leaf extract containing astragalin, when taken orally, acts as a natural antihistamine which helps to reduce allergic reactions. It relieves the symptoms of dermatitis, reducing inflammation and thickening of the skin. Persimmon leaves also alleviate itching. The astringent raw Persimmon fruit is used to treat constipation, gastro-intestinal irritation, dysentery, chronic diarrhea, ulceration of the bowel and stomach, catarrh of the rectum and colon, hemorrhoids, and to stop bleeding. "Efficacy tests of lipid-lowering action of persimmon leaf suggest that this whole persimmon leaf food would be beneficial for regulation of lipid metabolism or prevention of hyperlipidemia in an experimental animal model." Persimmon leaf is usually taken as traditional tea in Korea because it is said to be superior in preventing and curing disease of the circulating system of the blood. It contains 3.5-20.8 times more vitamin C than green tea and a variety of phenol compound included tannin. There are a helpfully medical action through several bio-chemical pathways. "Persimmon leaf tea" is a tea with rich vitamins and taste. We are not claiming this tea will do those things, but scientists in other countries say so. We have had a great deal of feedback from clients raving about the benefits of persimmon tea. I had suffered from terrible allergies for 20 years and have found relief in using persimmon leaf tea during a flair up. Persimmon leaf has become one of my favorite Ozark Mountain Teas.
$3.50 for 1/2 oz       $7 per 1 oz       $45 per lb       In Stock.


Our witch hazel is a 100% sustainably harvested wild crop, masterfully air-dried using our hallmark low-temperature drying process. Witch hazel herb. Nothing added. One of our all-time best-sellers. In Stock.
$3/oz    Shipping now
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These books make us SOAR, LAUGH, and SUCCEED!
We so want to share them with you!

The Art of Soaring

The Art of Soaring is mesmerizing. It is the first book to appear on in 15 years, and this must tell you something! Inspiring beyond belief. Overflowing with laughter and positivity - I've never read a book like that! Hard to put it in a nutshell, but basically it's about changing your reality through... laughter. You can resolve any problem - health, relationships, money. Immensely practical, filled with funny techniques to try out in real life - and it works! I now use it all the time, with stunning results. Costs only $16.95, but has the energizing potential of a 50-lb bag of pine nuts! It's really that good! Makes an excellent present, too - your loved ones will love it, and your boss may even give you a raise for it!
The Art of Soaring by Dolokhov & Gurangov
ISBN 978-0-9842873-1-4 (paperback), 239 p., Deep Snow Press, 2010.
$16.95     Always in stock.

The Power of Luck: A User's Manual

When I read The Art of Soaring, I thought "Gosh! I'll never want to read another book in my life" (it was that good). But when the same authors released The Power of Luck, I got immersed in it once again. It made me laugh so much my belly hurt. It's a very practical and deeply insightful look at how we can let go of all our problems... by going nuts! :) Brilliant and uplifting. Based on an ancient secret tradition. And true: we can only resolve our issues (personal and social) by changing the way we see the world - and The Power of Luck delivers just that. It already became a mega-bestseller in Russia, and I really feel you'll emerge from reading it with renewed hope and joy of life - and a smile. It may well be the best $16.95 you ever spent. I can't recommend it highly enough! You know Penny - I stand by what I say.
The Power of Luck: A User's Manual by Dolokhov & Gurangov
ISBN 978-0-9842873-2-1 (paperback), 272 pages, Deep Snow Press, 2011.
$16.95     Always in stock.

The School: Humanity's New Future - DVD & Booklet

This intense 30-minute documentary is powerful, explosive. It completely redefines our understanding of our human potential. It shows a School in Russia where children have designed, built, and decorated their own campus - all by themselves! They cover the entire high-school curriculum in one year (!) and get university degrees by the time they are seventeen. Plus they cook their own meals, do accounting for the School, even write their own textbooks. They do folk dancing, and will give a credit to a professional acrobat. They do ancient crafts and can fight on swords. Have no interest in TV or video games. Amazing human beings! But the video is not just about them - it's about us. How come we are not all raised like that? Why don't we realize our full potential? How can we change that? This revolutionary DVD is sold elsewhere for $24.95, but I want so much to spread its message, I offer it for only $19.95 - it's the lowest price anywhere online. Includes a full-color 16-page booklet.
ISBN 978-0-9842873-0-7. Deep Snow Press, 2009.
$19.95     Always in stock.

More than honey (DVD)

This stunning new documentary from Germany has the most amazing macro photography I've ever seen. Breathtakingly beautiful, it shows you the honeybees' harmonious ways that border on magic, and what is being done to them around the world. It has some very powerful imagery which has brought tears to my eyes several times through watching it. It is not just about the bees, it is about humanity and the course of civilization. This award-winning video is one of the reasons we started to keep bees the all-natural way and will soon have genuine wilderness honey for sale. We're offering this DVD at $10 OFF its list price of $29.95. 95 min.
$19.95     In stock.

Keeping Bees With a Smile

We now have pure wildland honey for sale - all thanks to this book! This is the only book you need to start keeping bees for free, naturally, and without any stings or hassle whatsoever! We did just that and now have "free-range" bees living in amazing maintenance-free horizontal hives. You'll learn how to attract local bee swarms; have bees healthy, happy, and productive without any medicines or gimmickry; build simple hives that mimic how bees live in nature; harvest fabulous honey without robbing the bees; and much more. Exceptonally well illustrated (including dozens of detailed color photographs). You can now reverse the global bee decline right in your backyard! And this book shows you how!
Keeping Bees With a Smile by Fedor Lazutin
ISBN 978-0-9842873-5-2 (pbk), 402 p., 140 ill., Deep Snow Press, 2013.
$34.95       3+ copies: $29.95/copy       In Stock.

Growing Vegetables with A Smile

This is by far the best gardening book I've read in my life! Amazing insights you won't find anywhere else. And much more: Growing Vegetables with a Smile is about cultivating your happiness one garden bed at a time! It makes gardening so attractive you will feel like running into your backyard, sticking seeds into the soil, and then... growing with your plants. With its generous 420 pages, full-color photos, and 100 eye-candy funny illustrations, it's so above and beyond what you'd expect from a gardening book! It has enough to make you see life with different eyes, and playfully bring in a bountiful harvest to boot.
Growing Vegetables with a Smile by Nikolay Kurdyumov
ISBN 978-0-9842873-3-8 (paperback), 420 p., Deep Snow Press, 2011.
$24.95       5+ copies: $14.97/copy       Always in stock.

Growing Fruit with A Smile

A jaw-dropping read for both experienced fruit growers and backyard gardeners planting their first tree. Richly illustrated and packed with amazing information not found anywhere else. Immensely practical, thorough, and fun! Ever thought it possible to get 20 tons of apples from your backyard, or to grow grapes in Manitoba? This book shows you how! You'll learn how to • Start an orchard from scratch for free with your own planting stock. • Prune with confidence - and discover tricks that make pruning unnecessary. • Graft like a pro and train trees into any shape for beauty and bumper crops. • Hoodwink pests and understand what trees want from you - and what you really want from them. • And heaps more - all delivered with Kurdyumov's hallmark humor and unparalleled insight. What he demonstrates you can do with fruit and berry plants will totally eclipse everything your Apple or Blackberry is capable of!
Over 250 illustrations, including 100 in full color. 523 p.
ISBN 978-0-9842873-4-5 (paperback), Deep Snow Press, 2012.
$29.95       5+ copies: $17.97/copy       Always in stock.