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Subject: 2017 Pinon Pine Nut Harvest Report and shipping Info
Date: October 4th 2017

Greetings Pine Nut People,

Harvest Report 2017

Soft Shell -

It simply is not a good year. The cones opened early and snow came. Pickers went home. Harvest levels are about 1/4 of last years crop.We are on track with the shipping information on the site.

NOW  SHIPPING - ROASTING PINE CONES I have about 2 unsold bushels, please place an order asap.

Shipping Next Week ALL PINE NUTS - soft shell, AA, A and unsorted.  Prices will rise Monday by $2.00 lb and will not be lower.  I anticipate being sold out before Christmas.

Hard Shell- I have about 50 lbs picked by Navajo friends. There was such a small crop, that it will not even go on the website. All roasted on the market is last years crop and the 2017 harvest is virtually no existent.

If you would like some hard shell please email me: goodsfromthewoods@PROTECTED The price is $29.99  plus shipping, only raw 2017 harvest is available. I will send invoices as soon as we have all the preharvest orders out.

Shell Free Nevada raw - available by special  order. The ones on the site, are dehydrated and I will clearance those out in the next month. Do not order shell from on site, but email me with your interest in fresh, raw shell free pine nuts.

Hickory Nuts - Just are not there this year.

Black Walnuts -- look great, and those will be on hold till the end of next week, when pine nuts are caught up.

Wild Honey - In the money - those bees did their work. Just lovely and ships without delay. 

Botanical Extracts from A Wild Crops Farm - These are on hold until late October. I do anticipate a great supply of Pinon Pine Cone Essential oil ($9.00 a mil, 10 mils $75.00) also pinon pine needle essential oil, as well as Sage.  These are being held back for Christmas to help with the shortfall of the pine nuts

Not ever year can be a bumper crop. To those who ordered early, you got a great deal. Please be sure to place order before the price hike on Monday.

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