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Pine nut harvest reports 2005

Pinyon Penny works to advocate on behalf of pinyon tree conservation. Pine nuts purchased here help support her work.

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Southwest Utah is good, and the crop is now ripe for the picking. Many cones still remain closed, but as many are already open or opening. This allows collectors to select whether they wish to pick the closed cones for drying then seed extraction or spread a blanket below the trees to collect just the seed that can be shaken from the open cones. Almost anywhere above 7,000 feet in elevation where there are pinyon pines there are trees with abundant cone crops, and in some areas nearly every tree has good cone production.

On BLM lands, individuals are permitted to gather up to 25 pounds of nuts (or 5 bushels of cones) with no charge and no written permit required. Collectors who plan to gather more than 25 pounds of nuts should visit the local BLM office to obtain a commercial¯ permit. Commercial permits cost $0.25 per pound (the minimum permit issued is for $10 or 40 pounds).

Two species of pinyon pine may be found in southwest Utah. The Singleleaf pinyon may be found to the west of Cedar City in the Indian Peak / Hamlin Valley area. This species also grows throughout Nevada. It produces a larger nut than the Colorado Pinyon. The Colorado Pinyon may be found throughout southwest Utah, northern Arizona, western Colorado, and northern New Mexico. Pine nuts are used extensively in southwest recipes, however, over recent years many of the pinyon pine nut production areas in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado were severely affected by tree mortality caused by bark beetles, and traditional commercial pickers are looking for other sources

UTAH CEDAR CITY 2006 Harvest Levels
apx 54,000 lbs

Pinyon Pine Nut Harvest 2005

133 Tons USFS Nevada
32 Tons BLM

Pinyon PIne Nut Harvest 2006 BLM

It should be noted that USFS has begun to manage pine nut harvest reporting and contracting in a progressive manner and reported harvests, public revenues are up tremendously.

For information about pinyon pine nut harvests, please contact "Goods From The Woods"

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