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The World's Best Pine Nuts - foods of place


The World's Best Pine Nuts - foods of place

The forests of our place provide the best pine nut for our needs. To eat our forests is to protect them. I love Korean pine nuts, Siberian pine nuts, hard shell New Mexico pine nuts, the beautiful pink pine nut of Mexico, the slender, lovely pine nut of Himalayas and of course, the pine nut of the place of my heart- The Jumbo Nevada Soft shells. In the world of natural medicine, we are taught the plants of our place are the best medicines for our bodies. Perhaps, same holds true for foods. I am suggesting the WORLD'S BEST pine nut is the pine nut of our place. Those of us, who will eat of our place, treasure our place and its natural bounty. We protect its very nature by making it a part of who we are on very basic, human levels. It is a global idea articulated in the "eat local movements." Eating a carrot grown in the Ozarks, might have more suitable food value for the people of the Ozarks than one grown in California. It is just another thought in the"food system" chain. The forests of our place provide the best pine nut for our needs. To eat our forests is to protect them. I would hope, that our bodies are still pure enough to incororate the elements of our place into our beings. If one lives in frozen Tundra of Siberia, that body's needs are different from the Zuni family in Eastern Arizona. The plants of the Tundra would have nutrients better suited for the human beings of that place. Of course, we humans have separated ourselves from the elements of our place through mass production, heating, cooling, occupations that remove us from our environment. Yet, I hope there are still enough natural parts to our being, to find that foods and medicines of our place are the best for our bodies. If people across the globe to were to claim the pine forests of their place as the best - they would then protect forest. We meaningfully make it a part of ourselves- while to honor the place and element of creation which provide it.

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The Answers are in the land. To be of it, and it of us - this is method of Goods From The Woods, PINENUT.com


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This blog is about my passion for a forest, The Great Basin Pinyon Pine Forest in Nevada. Its about how I express passion, through with talking about pine nuts. Tne nuts are forests and when you are eating the pinyon forest, you are helpling to protect it.
This blog and my work represents my life long love affair with forests and my commiment to protecting the blessing of creation. We also had a certified organic wild crop farm and we distill flowers and make other cool wild products. You will find them on our order page. pinenuts@pinenut.com or wild@wildcrops.com


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