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Persimmon Leaf Tea–Freshly harvested and slow dried, 100% WILD CROP HARVEST order at www.pinenut.com


Persimmon Leaf Tea–Freshly harvested and slow dried, 100% WILD CROP HARVEST order at www.pinenut.com



A lovely addition to our wild treasures, each select hand harvest and processed on our farm. Persimmon leaf tea is harvested while  the leaves are tender and rich in phyto chemicals.
As with all leaf teas, harvest and handling are everything . Leaf stems should snap, and the tea should naturally retain its essence.  Buying whole leaf teas represents great advantage over ore-packed and imported tea  leaf .
#1. Whole Leaf Allows you to check for botanical identify
#2.  You can snap the stem, to ascertain dryness
#3.  The Natural phyto chemicals are better stored in the leaf, and freshly released right before brewing.
Persimmon Leaf is a bitter, that mixes well with green tea, and mints. Lemon balm is perfect and adding a sprinkle of black peko. Many people in Asia seek out persimmon tea leaf for its well studied health benefits.  The list is extensive and many discovered Persimmon Tea while preparing "Holy Tea". 
We are A Wild Crops Farm and we love our work.  I believe that shows in the products we make. The Persimmon Leaf is a very fine product,deeply green and rich in beneficial properties
Produced in Ozark Mountain Region of Central Missouri, Dent County Salem MO. 65560 Forest to Fork and Tree to tea - Special Forest Products from Native American Forests.
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Persimmon leaf tea prepared right! Slow dried in the dark, harvested while perfect and full of phyto chemicals. Our persimmon leaf is 100% made in the USA, and product of Missouri.


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This blog is about my passion for a forest, The Great Basin Pinyon Pine Forest in Nevada. Its about how I express passion, through with talking about pine nuts. Tne nuts are forests and when you are eating the pinyon forest, you are helpling to protect it.
This blog and my work represents my life long love affair with forests and my commiment to protecting the blessing of creation. We also had a certified organic wild crop farm and we distill flowers and make other cool wild products. You will find them on our order page. pinenuts@pinenut.com or wild@wildcrops.com


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