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Pine nut wholesale prices not topping out


From Texas: Pine nuts get pricier as poor crop can't keep up with booming demand

Link: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/fea/lifetravel/stories/DN-nf_inseason_0929gd.State.Edition1.33f9960.html

The price spike and shortage of pine nuts is making news in major papers -through out the United States. This article was in yesterday's Dallas news:

If you haven't bought pine nuts lately, brace yourself for sticker shock. Prices have more than doubled over the past year or so. (can you say, "tripled")The article goes on to quote a Texas pine nut wholesale pine nut supplier, who last year was subjected to a major pine nut recall over Salmonella, "The good ones only come from China and Portugal," she says, and the Chinese crops have been poor lately.

Now, the most self serving comment - unpatriotic, as well as ignorant," "The good ones only come from China and Portugal," That is simply self-serving as that wholesale pinenut supplier sells container loads from China.

The quality of a pine nut is in processing. All species of commercial pine nuts are unique and wonderful! I know, my freezer is full of pine nuts from Pakistan, India, Mexico, Russia, China and Afghanistan. Nature does a wonderful job with in creating pine nuts - people, not so good in handling and processing them. Our partner company, A Wild Crops Farm, is a certified organic food processor. Even though our pine nuts are not certified organic wild crop, we handle and process as if they were. It is both our formal training in food handling,(HACCP) and documentation - pounded in through certification and audits, together with our personal "earth ethic" that makes a difference.

Last year, we had developed a cost effective pine nut sheller and had a number manufactured, with the intent of giving them away with wholesale pine nut contracts.Even as we developed our sheller, we worked to create a product that was compliant with organic standards because that is our way of working with foods.

It has to be that coyote thing, as I have pine nut shellers, 20 + clients wanting to buy 1,000 lbs and no pine nuts to wholesale! I was challenged by a "pine nut group" to sell 25,000 lbs of pine nuts for the 2010 season. I told those people, selling pine nuts is not a problem, getting in the harvest is. I told you so, is not much comfort. Met the challenge, as it is part of my fire -sign personality, only to have the supply faltered- and the group wasn't culturally compatible.

Not only that, but we have a HUGE list of people - wanting to purchase our American shelled pine nut 8 oz sample pack for $19.95 plus shipping. Okay, enough of the lamenting! I am going to have to raise our prices, as the supply is so slim. It is suppose to be the perfect place for business - demand far exceeding supply. It feels so wrong, because for the last 15 years, we have been trying to protect pine nut forests from deforestation on public lands. I could look 100 public land managers in the eye and say, "I told you so." small comfort!

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