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Where to buy pinon trees for starting a pine nut farm - how to save money on pine nuts, grow your own


Do you want to farm pine nuts? Here is information about where to get your pinon trees

Link: https://www.emnrd.state.nm.us/fd/treepublic/OrderOnline.aspx?ItemID=74

https://www.emnrd.state.nm.us/fd/treepublic/OrderOnline.aspx?ItemID=74 Pinus edulis Click above for more images Growth Rate: Slow Mature Height: up to 40 feet Water Requirements: Low Alkalinity Tolerance: Moderate-High Preferred Elevation: 3500 - 8500 Cold Hardiness: Good-Excellent Color: It has green needles and dark bark. Tree Description: The New Mexico state tree, is an aromatic pine which grows across a wide variety of soils and does well under cultivation. It is popular for the edible nuts it produces. It has high value for upland game and song birds. It is very drought tolerant, but slow growing. Has low calcium carbonate tolerance and medium salinity tolerance. Ordering Restrictions
American pine nut harvest forecast
Pockets of pinon cone here and there for the American pine nut harvest 2010
You must own at least one acre of land in the State of New Mexico. Seedlings must be used for conservation purposes. Minimum order for bare root trees is 50. After satisfying the minimum order of 50, you may order additional lots of 25. You can split the order in bundles of 25 of a single species (i.e. two bundles of 25 for $47/50 trees, $70.50/75 trees, $94/100, $117.50/125, $141/150, etc.). Minimum order for "One Season" containerized trees (10 cubic inch pot) is 49. Order Multiples of 49 for a single species (i.e., $59/49 trees , $118/98 , $177/147, $236/196, etc.). Minimum order for "Two-Season" Large containerized trees (40 cubic inch pot) is 20 of a single species (i.e., $50/20 trees, $100/40, $150/60 , etc.) Order multiples of 20 only. PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY YOUR ORDER. Make checks payable to NM FORESTRY DIVISION. Credit card purchase must have the expiration date and number. PURCHASE ORDERS are accepted from schools, local government, state government, and federal government. NO COD ORDERS ACCEPTED. All sales are final. Because it is impossible to monitor planting techniques, seedling care and a variety of other concerns related to plant survival the Division makes no guarantee of survival after shipment or delivery is made. If ordering on the web, we require an email address to complete the order. This will be used to verify your order and email updates on order status. Criag's list: Live pinon trees for sale- balled and burlap-ed. All sizes available- 5 feet to 16 feet tall. $17.00/foot. Best prices in Santa Fe. Please call for info 505-577-0550 Location: Santa Fe it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests Ordering for Fall distribution is closed. Pickup for fall distribution ends at 4:30 pm on Friday October 15, 2010. Please check back the first Monday of December to begin ordering for spring distribution.. If you have any questions please contact the Seedling Coordinator at: 476-3334.

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This blog is about my passion for a forest, The Great Basin Pinyon Pine Forest in Nevada. Its about how I express passion, through with talking about pine nuts. Tne nuts are forests and when you are eating the pinyon forest, you are helpling to protect it.
This blog and my work represents my life long love affair with forests and my commiment to protecting the blessing of creation. We also had a certified organic wild crop farm and we distill flowers and make other cool wild products. You will find them on our order page. pinenuts@pinenut.com or wild@wildcrops.com


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