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Food Storage : American Pinon Pine Nuts - DIY dehydration

There are a variety of different methods for keeping your American Pine Nuts for use through out the year. One favorite here, is dehydration. We have a small dehydration operation here. Pine nuts are sized, washed in activated oxygen water then dehydrate… more »


100% Natural Pinyon Pine Sol, 100% wild hand harvested pinyon pine cones, slow steamed distilled perfect natural air freshener and cleaner!

  The more I have learned about pine cone essential oil and pine hydrosol (aka pinyon pine sol) the more excited I have become to offer 100% natural cleaning products . This month we have a two coupon codes for people to try our  pine cone… more »


2013 Pinon Harvest now shipping gourmet roasting cones–chalk full of nuts! Home roast or boil cones, excellent for birds, forest direct

2013 cone harvest is shaping up better than we ever imagined
We are ready to start shipping cone boxes.  This is a picture of the small cone  box, apx 30 pinon pine cones freshly harvested, rich and full of nuts.  We only offer these for a short time each year and for the amazing price of $9.95 you… more »


Part 4–Pinon Nuts For Landowners - Checking the crop 2013–We are in the money now.

We walked out of the hotel room the other day and George started a conversation with a gentleman who was traveling to his ranch.  The gentleman had 1,500 acres of pinon.  We asked him if he had ever considered managing for pinon production.… more »



Distilling Fresh Hand Harvested Spring Leaf from Hamamelis

  With such a beautiful harvest, how could we produce anything other than wonderful!  These young spring leaves from Hamamelis Virginia are simply glorious.   We are the only people who hand harvest fresh spring leaves for dis… more »


Witch hazel manufacturing–witch hazel USP, BC, WHO–No, witch hazel is not a uniform natural medicine–A Tribute to its active ingredients

  Witch Hazel has been an interesting study as we compared  manufacturing practices to legal formulas  around the globe .  One can make medicine from the leaves, twigs and bark (not pulp wood) and the part used to make the medici… more »


How Hazel Nut Leaf became “witch hazel” on the world stage

  A few years ago, we discovered an online seller of herbs, was offering certified organic witch hazel that was in fact, hazel nut tree leaf.  Given the two plants are share only the word "hazel" we were dumfounded that this bo… more »


Harvests @ A Wild Crops Farm - 100% Prunus Americana Flos Distillate –

Spring time in the Ozarks for A Wild Crops Farm is all about wild plum flower harvesting. We have known Cory since he was in kindergarden .
Over the last week, we harvested and distilled almost 600 lbs of wild plum flowers.  We never make claims about the properties of our floral waters. This year's plum is out of blooming order .  The natural order is first red bud and dogwood, then plum fl… more »


Plum Blossom Harvesting 2013: Young men harvest Ozark wild flowers for their essences

  Harvested wild plum flowers from April 18, almost 40 pound.  Plum flowers are then distilled for their aromatic properties and shared with aroma therapists from around the world.  The harvesters can either receive payment for their… more »

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All things pinon nut aka pine nuts from Pinon Penny

The Answers are in the land. To be of it, and it of us - this is method of Goods From The Woods,


Buy One, Get one free 4oz and 8 oz shell free Colorado Pinon Nuts-

100% Product of USA

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This blog is about my passion for a forest, The Great Basin Pinyon Pine Forest in Nevada. Its about how I express passion, through with talking about pine nuts. Tne nuts are forests and when you are eating the pinyon forest, you are helpling to protect it.
This blog and my work represents my life long love affair with forests and my commiment to protecting the blessing of creation. We also had a certified organic wild crop farm and we distill flowers and make other cool wild products. You will find them on our order page. or


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